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UXBRIDGE, MA – April 5, 2019 IYAAP Blog – As a student pilot in the Air Force, I learned that one of the three rules of flying was to always sound cool on the radio. The sky could be crumbling around me. Flames could be shooting from my engines. But because I was broadcasting a signal that would likely be recorded and played for my surviving family and friends if I crashed, at least at my memorial, they’d all agree:  “This guy was one cool pilot.”

Fortunately, most of my in-flight emergencies were not life-threatening. But years later, even though I thought I’d cultivated a cool radio voice, when I tried recording my memoir about my time as a student pilot, I heard intermittent nose-whistling, frequent sniffing sounds, and every extended gasp for breath between my words. Definitely not cool!

I sat on my audio project for nearly two years before offering up my manuscript to narrators and producers in the Audiobook Creation Exchange. That’s where I connected with Robert Ferraro, narrator and producer for the audio version of If You Ain’t a Pilot….

An Emmy award winning television news producer with extensive experience at the NBC and ABC television networks, Mr. Ferraro has earned distinction and multiple awards as a writer/editor, and long form and documentary producer. He is also a published writer and poet with magazine, online, and newspaper credits.

Mr. Ferraro served in the U.S. Peace Corps in Panama, and has taught News Production at Purchase College, NY, and currently at the New York Film Academy. And he sounds cool. I have truly enjoyed our collaboration.

If You Ain’t a Pilot…, the audiobook, is available for download on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. To learn what readers have thought of the book, please check its reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. For more insight on the antics of UPT Class 88-07 at Columbus Air Force Base, MS, please visit my website: www.raymondjwright.com.

If you are not an Audible subscriber, and you like a bargain, here’s a link to my audiobook that allows you a free 30-day trial of Audible: If You Ain’t a Pilot….

Happy listening! – Ray

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