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Chapel WelcomeUXBRIDGE, MA – September 3, 2016 IYAAP BlogIn my original manuscript, I had a scene where UPT Class 88-07 went to the Columbus Air Force Base Chapel for our Welcome to Columbus in-briefing from the chapel staff.  It came at the end of Chapter 2, “If You Ain’t a Pilot.”

Initially, I thought the imagery and irony of Jesus as a UPT student was funny stuff, and without doubt, the end of this scene contained one of my favorite punchlines in the book.  Ultimately, however, I pulled it out of the final version because it repeated a point and a joke that had already been made earlier in the chapter.  This was a tough cut for me.  I’m happy to be able to share it on my website.

The picture here and the one within the link at the end of this sentence are from the original pamphlets that were handed out to Columbus Air Force Base’s UPT Class 88-07 at our Base Chapel In-Briefing.

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