Do The Good

My friends Kurt and Malia honor their late friend and business partner Jamie Brunette by supporting a great charity, Jackson in Action 83. The mission of the Jackson in Action 83 Foundation is to provide support to military families, focusing on the educational, emotional, and physical health of the children.

To learn about ways you can help military families, please visit, http://www.jacksoninaction83.org.

Doley was one of my beta-readers for IF YOU AIN’T A PILOT. His feedback on my original chapter drafts, and his enthusiasm for the project guided me when I needed guidance, pushed me when I needed pushing, and helped recover dormant memories that had either been buried under the weight of dead brain cells or had atrophied over the years from lack of use.

The charity supported by the Dolan family is RaziasRayofHope.org.  Razia is an Afghan woman who builds schools for girls in Afghanistan. The idea driving this charity is that of empowerment through education.

Many of the FAIP Mafia Party pictures I’ve shared were shared with me by my friend Tina. She and her husband Mike are a few years older than I am and part of the original FAIP Mafia. As a student at the Mississippi University for Women, Tina’s social club supported the Palmer Home for Children in Columbus, Mississippi. As a student at Mississippi State University, Tina’s son’s fraternity supports the Palmer Home. Back in the early 1990’s, the 50th Flying Training Squadron at Columbus Air Force Base, which was the T-38 squadron, was named President George H.W. Bush’s 660th Point of Light for its work with the Palmer Home.

To learn more about the wonderful work the Palmer Home does to support orphan children, visit www.palmerhome.org.

In my memoir, IF YOU AIN’T A PILOT, Chuck is based on my friend Cholene, who became a doctor right about the time I finished my book. Cholene has written a book about helping the people of Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina, THROUGH THE EYE OF THE STORM, and actively works to support returning former slaves and people in South Sudan.

Goats for the Old Goat is a charity that give goats to returning former slaves and people in South Sudan because of the ongoing civil conflict. To learn how you can help support this great cause, please visit: http://goatsfortheoldgoat.com/.

My friends Mike, Kenny, Val, Brian, Tripp, and Greg contributed a bunch of pictures for me to use on this website, and I am grateful for their help. Greg supports the Lifeline Animal Project in Atlanta. Lifeline is making Atlanta a “no kill” area for all adoptable pets. To learn more about this cause, please visit www.lifelineanimal.org.

Awakening in your Q-room to cock-a-roaches chewing on your face can be a life-changing experience, but some people never get to sleep in a Q-room…or any room for that matter. My friend and UPT classmate Pepé proudly supports the Community Café, a soup kitchen for hungry and homeless of Lee County, Florida. Here is a link to learn more about this great cause: http://www.ccmileecounty.com/CCMI_CMS/index.php/home/about-ccmi