This is a clear violation of Mississippi's open container law.
Wristbands were your ticket into the FAIP Mafia Party, and everyone was assigned to one of four teams: Knob, Geek, Gomer, or Wilson, for the drinking games. I was always a Knob. Knobs rule!

FAIP Mafia

“The FAIP Mafia was the unofficial name of an anonymous and, officially, non-existent fraternity of young instructor pilots, who kept the training squadrons running in spite of the questionable leadership and management skills of the senior officers assigned with such tasks at the base.  The Lost Weekend, a trilogy of back-to-back-to-back parties: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, served to help the entire base blow off the intensifying pressure as our year of flight school drew to a close.”

18 Stages of Drunkenness

  1. Big
  2. Large
  3. Witty and Charming
  4. Benevolent
  5. Rich and Powerful
  6. Clairvoyant
  7. Fuck Dinner
  8. Patriotic
  9. Launch the Enola Gay
  10. War Hero
  11. Operatic Singer
  12. Invisible
  13. Bullet Proof
  14. If She Can Drive, I’ll Stay the Night
  15. Fuck Breakfast
  16. She’s Invisible
  17. Legally Dead
  18. Projectile Vomitting
Upon returning to Columbus as a FAIP, I moved into the Steens Sports Mecca with Pat and Brian. Brian was a Dagger FAIP. Pat's older brother was my T-37 IP in Dagger.
FAIP Mafia Party beer line