Set at the end of the Cold War in the heart of Dixie, IF YOU AIN’T A PILOT… crosses “Top Gun” adrenaline with “Pee-wee’s Playhouse” antics at a flight training base where Air Force idealism collides with Deep South heritage. A comedic memoir, IF YOU AIN’T A PILOT…charts the year when a newly commissioned officer is challenged not only by flight school but by the Air Force dictum, “If you ain’t a pilot, you ain’t shit.”

the First Chapter of 

Chapter 1 —“All Fun and Games”

Chapter 1 introduces three of the main characters, Kenny, Doley, and Ray, the id, ego, and superego of Class 88-07, respectively. Ten months into their training and less than a week away from learning their first flying assignments as real Air Force pilots, the friends try to piece together events of a wild party the previous night where the normally distinct lines between students and instructors were blurred, crossed, and broken.