I have been fortunate to also make some new friends in the process of writing IF YOU AIN’T A PILOT and in putting together this website. While the patches for UPT Class 88-07, Dagger flight, Eagle flight, and a couple of others came from my own collection, the other images of UPT class patches and instructor patches on this website have come from Jim Flaviani.

Mr. Flaviani has put together the greatest and most fun collection of UPT patches that can be found on the internet. I have visited this site many times, and when I approached Mr. Flaviani to request some high quality images of the patches in his collection, he got back to me within the week. You need not be a patch collector to enjoy the massive gallery of U.S. Air Force flying training patches that Jim Flaviani has on display on his website: http://www.usafupt.com/

To his great credit, Jim is planning to donate every item collected for this website to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum upon his death. I encourage you to visit his website. Even if you haven’t experienced UPT firsthand, you’ll enjoy matching patches to pop culture and deciphering the hidden meanings in the patches you’ll find on his website.